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After the Funeral

After the Funeral

Following a funeral there are a few other items which will require some consideration.


A few days after the funeral, we will supply you with a list of mourners.  

Families frequently like to place an obituary in the local paper.  Using a eulogy or a resumé of the person’s life written by the family, together with the list of mourners, we can assist in compiling the obituary and liaising with the local newspapers.


If you would like to place an acknowledgement in the local newspaper to thank friends, families or others for their support, we can assist in compiling an appropriate notice and forward it to the newspaper.


We offer a range of high quality memorials, including headstones and remembrance plaques and can assist you in choosing a memorial to suit your requirements. This would include discussing the type of memorial, the material and the inscription. Our stonemason, who has over 20 years experience, can then provide you with layouts and estimates at no extra cost ensuring you are entirely satisfied before we begin work on your memorial.

If a burial has taken place, it is usually necessary to leave the grave undisturbed for 12 months to allow for the ground to settle.  After that time we can assist you in choosing a memorial.  However we can meet together to discuss the type of memorial and the inscription  before this time if desired and can bring samples of the type of stone.

For more information on memorials and for examples of our work, please go to our memorials page.

We are here to assist you after the funeral with:

  • Obituaries
  • Acknowledgements
  • Memorials

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