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Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a Funeral

Here at E M Dorman Funeral Directors we can offer a comprehensive service on arranging your loved one’s funeral, and advise you on all other areas such as organising a wake and accepting donations in memory.

When you have made your choices we will provide you with a written estimate of the funeral costs. If, at this stage, you would like to change anything we will help you do this, although any changes may affect the final funeral costs.

Types of funeral

There are many types and styles of funerals. These can include religious or non religious services, burial or cremation, a ‘green’ or ‘simple’ funeral, or something with much more specific or bespoke arrangements. These choices can often be influenced by the wishes of the deceased, but it is also important to take into consideration the needs of the loved ones. We can discuss these options with you in much more detail when we meet to discuss the funeral arrangements.

Coffins and caskets

Our standard funeral package is priced to include an oak veneered coffin.  However we offer a range of coffins including traditional, contemporary, quirky and bespoke, and can have personalised coffins made if this is required. Please see some examples below - these are merely a few examples of our range - please ask us for a brochure to see our complete range.

Oak Veneered Coffin

Seagrass Coffin

English Casket

Floral tributes

When organising flowers, we have a dedicated florist who is available to discuss with you any special requirements you may have. Alternatively we can work with any florist of your choice. Here is a sample of some of the most popular types of arrangement, but we can also provide bespoke arrangements. An example of previous bespoke arrangements are shown below, please contact us for examples in our brochure.

Bespoke floral arrangements

Example coffin sprays

Letting people know about the funeral

You may want to place an announcement of the death, also known as an obituary notice, in a national or local newspaper.  This can be a useful way of announcing the death and the funeral details.  You can also include something to celebrate the deceased, perhaps a verse or a few special words. People often use this to let others know where donations or flowers should be sent. 


Music is often chosen by the family – or specified by the person to be played at their funeral – and can be light-hearted, even humorous. It may be live music such as bagpipes, trumpets, bugles, singers and jazz bands or pre-recorded music.   

Although many churches and crematoria allow contemporary music, in some instances they may not permit CDs to be played, insisting on organ music. We will be able to provide advice and guidance about this.

Speeches and eulogies

When it comes to speeches, the eulogy continues to be popular. In the past this would have been delivered by the religious celebrant in the church or chapel, however, many funerals now involve some form of personal input from the people present. Family, friends and work colleagues often speak about the person’s life, read poems they may have written, or read out a letter written by the deceased themselves.

Orders of service

In the past, orders of service showed only the name of the person, their date of birth and death and the words of hymns to be sung. Now many include photographs, poetry or stories about the deceased and explicitly refer to the ceremony as a ‘celebration’ of their life.  We will spend time helping you to choose your design, providing advice on content and layout to help you provide family and friends with a perfect way of remembering someone special. Attendance Cards help to keep a record of the family and friends that attended your loved one’s funeral. 


We have a hearse and limousines available as pictured on the website.  We are able to arrange a motorcycle and sidecar, pony and trap, carriage and horses, and any other types of conveyance for the coffin.

Organising a wake

A wake can be a traditional or unique affair which provides an opportunity to bring extended families together to say goodbye to a loved one, offer support to the bereaved and share memories of the person who has passed away.  It usually takes place at a church hall, a hotel or sports/social club close to where the funeral has taken place but you could also consider other venues such as your home, pub, a coffee shop, a restaurant or a sports stadium.

Donations in Memory

We offer to handle and administrate donations on behalf of our clients. All money collected is passed directly on to the nominated charity, with no administration charge deducted.

If you wish send a donation in memory, please make cheques payable to our ‘E M Dorman Donations Account’ and include a note stating in who’s memory the donations is being made.

When arranging a funeral you will need to think about:

  • The type of funeral required
  • Coffins and caskets available
  • Floral tributes
  • How to let people know about the funeral
  • Choosing the music
  • Reading speeches and eulogies
  • Planning the Orders of Service
  • The Cortege required
  • Organising a wake
  • Receiving donations in memory

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